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Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene

Get your teeth Sparkly clean and fresh. Healthy gums and stain free teeth will give you a beautiful long lasting smile. 

Regular dental hygiene is essential for the maintenance of your oral health and the prevention of gum disease and dental decay. At U’R Smile Dental, preventative care is an integral part of our practice. Regular teeth cleaning appointments are essential for maintaining the health of your gums and teeth, and can greatly reduce the risk of future, complex dental treatments.

Commonly referred to as teeth cleaning, dental hygiene treatments remove all of the calculus and plaque build up. The removal of these deposits not only gives you fresher breath, it also helps to prevent gum problems, and ensures whiter, more attractive teeth. Our dentists will do a thorough examination and charting of the gum tissues and bone that supports the teeth. We will evaluate how well you are brushing and flossing your teeth.  

Sensitivity is an issue that some patients have while getting their hygiene treatments. We have topical solutions or gels that can be applied to decrease the sensitivity of the sensitive regions. If you are extra sensitive to teeth cleaning, we can make you customised fluoride trays. The fluoride will allow you to de-sensitize your teeth at home before having a hygiene appointment. Please let us know if you do have very sensitive teeth. Dental Hygienist appointments are provided privately for £75 per session

(Please contact us for any limited time promotional fees.)

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Teeth whitening first appointment is consultation and a deposit towards teeth whiteing is requested to confirm the appointment. 

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